How DXN Products Benefit Cancer Patients

This is my opinion on how DXN products benefit cancer patients :

We can use DXN products to treat cancer DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY. 

Direct : 
1. Morinzhi (noni) has anti-angiogenesis effects by cutting off the blood supply to cancer cells. When cancer cells are deprived of nutrients, the cancer cells can be starved to death. 
2. RG contains Triterpene. Triterpene interferes with enzyme in cancer DNA. Without the enzyme, cancer dies. 

Indirect : 
1. GL contains a lot of polysaccharides, which can enhance the immune system by increasing the interferon level; increase the number of NK cells and aggressiveness of NK cells to attack cancer. 
2. GL contains organic germanium, which increases the oxygen level in the body which inhibits the growth of cancer. 
3. Cordypine and Morinzhi both balances the pH in the body, making the body environment not favorable to cancer. 
4. Morinzhi dilates the blood circulation; Adenosein in RG removes blockage in the clogged circulations : improved blood circulation gives way to immune cells like NK cells to be able to reach the site of cancer for battle.
Improved blood circulations also improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy, as opened micro-circulations can carry the drug to the site of cancer especially in lung cancer. 
5. Morinzhi and RG (Triterpene) have calming effect,  thus reduces stress in patients. Emotions play an important role in cancer patient. 
6. Lion's Mane : polysaccharides enhance immune system to attack cancer. Lion's Mane protects the intestinal lining and improves the bio-availability of the nutrients absorption.


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