The Main Cause of Disease

As we are living in a more sophisticated modern world, we are getting more occupied with our job most of the time. Competition at work creates stress to everyone who wants to strive to stand out to the superior of the company. Indirectly, they cut down their resting time to take their assignments on extra hard. Sometimes they work too hard even up to the level of ignoring their eating habits - by simply grabbing something simple to munch at lunch without going through all the hassles by picking meals that is actually nutritious for them. Worst of all, they even trade their 15 minutes jog every morning just to beat the traffic for work. Men especially, they spend time with their friends drinking at unearthly hours after work just to get rid of their stress. This is a very common example of a man's working life.

Most of the causes of diseases are due to
toxins (chemicals) and body cells imbalance.

Through our daily eating habits, we do consume food and drinks that is made artificially. People are getting more knowledgeable about food and nutrition today. A smart homemaker would think of serving broccoli, some salad, steamed fish and some tomato broth for her children and husband for dinner. Nevertheless, are these good enough to keep our body away from toxins? With the mass use of pesticides, insecticides, growth hormones and polluted environment, every bit that we breathe and consume are toxic.
Improper sleeping patterns as well as high stress are the main contributors to the toxin to accumulate in our body. Worse still, Toxic is not able to be disposed from our body when we do not exercise regularly or at all.

In short, we need something to keep our body at the pinkest state of health and I have come across that
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Body Cells Imbalance
Do you sometimes feel tired, lethargic or fatigue easily? It is a sign or more likely, a warning that your body cells are imbalanced, which affects tissues to organic to systemic functions. Besides, complications like high blood pressure and diabetes are also a different symptoms of an imbalanced body. The consequences of ignoring them can cost your health. It might be too late if you are diagnosed with malignant diseases.

Imbalanced in our body is created by
deficiency in the food supplements (e.g. carbohydrates, proteins, essential fat, enzymes, fibers and vitamins), acid alkaline imbalance and hormonal imbalance.


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