The Protector - DXN Cordypine

DXN Cordypine is an an enzyme drink with the composition of fermented pineapple juice and quality cordyceps mushroom. DXN Cordypine is a very potent formula as Cordypine works actively with cordyceps, giving better results and excellent performance.
The alkalinizing drink is suitable for all ages in the family and regular consumption is good to maintain and improve our body system. Besides protein digestive enzymes, pineapple enzymes also consist of:

- Phosphatase

- Oxidase

- Bromelain

- Rich in Vitamin C, B1 and B6
- Copper
- Dietary Fiber
- Cordycep nutrition elements (which will be elaborated later)

Pineapple enzymes taken orally will not be destroyed by hydrochloric acid in the stomach.Research and medical reports from all around the world showed that pineapple enzymes have the following functions:
  • Anti inflammation.
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain.
  • Improve healing power.
  • Eliminate dead cells from wounds.
  • Improve inflammation of the joints.
  • Improve respiratory system.
  • Improve digestive system.
  • Improve gastrointestinal functions.
  • Reduce viscosity and stickiness in the blood.
  • Reduce the risk of stroke and blood vessels related problems.
  • Able to control the spread of certain cancer cells in the body.
  • Dissolve phlegm


  1. Hi,
    I am 65 years young and have been diagnosed with Glandular fever ,I recently had a knee operation and reacted badly to the anerthesic, I am vomiting and BAD headaches what do you advise ?

    1. Pls Take DXN Cordypine Juice , Morinzyme, GL Powder , Spirulina
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    2. Tske dxn rggl,rosel tab,andro-g

  2. Use dxn red ganoderma ,spirulina and cordepine juice

  3. Please suggest me dxn medicine for my back shoulder pain

  4. I had a fall fractured my spine at L1 . I wish to àvoid going for op.what is your àďvice for me