The Guardian - DXN Cordycep

Cordyceps Sinensis (Dong Chong Xia Cao) is one of the most valued medicinal fungi which is a very well known and important ingredient in Chinese traditional supplement. Nowadays Cordyceps Sinensis is very widely used both in clinical medicines and as a household remedy. In studies, DXN Cordycep is enriched with nutrients that contains anti-cancer, anti-tumoranti-infective agent. Besides it is also a natural tranquilizer or anti-depression agent as well as it is a premier blood builder for anemic patients. It is also well-known as the Guardian of Kidneys and Lungs. Especially at the time of the pandemic A(H1N1) which widespreads like wildfire, DXN Cordycep is a very good shield to protect your lungs and respiratory system. Like most of the edible fungi, DXN Cordycep is enriched with nutrients. These valuable nutrients found include:

- Cordycepic Acid
- Cordycepin

- Glutamid Acid
- Phenylalinene

- Proline

- Histidine

- Valine

- Oxyvaline

- Arginine

- Alanine

- Mannitol

- Vitamin B12

- Polysaccharides

The main benefits found in DXN Cordycep are:

  • Increase body strength and endurance.
  • Improve lung and kidney function.
  • Phlegm reduction.
  • Cough suppresant.
  • Blood pressure regulation.
  • Natural depression agent that allows a more restful sleep.
  • Natural anti cancer agent.
  • Helpful with male sexual potency and female vitality.
  • Blood sugar regulation. (Improve pancreatic functions).
  • Improve memories and enhance your mood.
  • Increase the absorption of other nutrients.


  1. There are some more product that can make by cordyceps powder which are full of nutrition and beneficial for your health.

  2. After I hear these important health benefit of cordyceps, I ordered one bottle and will start using it next week. I will share out about the result. thanks all