You're a fool if you're not worrying about Influenza A(H1N1)

Influenza A(H1N1) has been on the rise and has brought up to the death toll of 62 Malaysians today. I was really devastated when one of the latest news that involves a three-year-old boy suffered from severe pneumonia died last Friday. Similarly, a 50-year-old-man had influenza-like symptoms since end of last month; he died on the same day as former due to pneumonia and septicemia despite he was given anti-viral treatment in the beginning of August. His symptoms were similar: cough, fever, dyspnea, vomitting and diarrohea.

Among all these cases, the group categories involved a doctor, a college student as well as a school teacher. It shows that there is no particular targeted class for this virus and it attacks almost anyone with low level immune system but the impact can be different among the different age group, whether mild or severe infection.

I will not elaborate in detail on how virus is able to look for a host and multiply in our body today. All you need to know is that virus live well in acidic blood condition. It is like a spawning pool for them and people with that vital criterion make him a good host for virus to breed, multiply and take over your bodily cells and functions when the time is right. The subtle difference between different kinds of viruses is about which cells do they attack and how fast do they invade our fortress of flesh. Take this pandemic outbreak for example, it is way too much quicker than we could have imagined and it takes days to take someone's live away.

It is true that people are searching for supplements, herbs, medicines, or even vaccines to bulk up their shield in their bodies. However, do they know which is the best for them? In this case, I protect my family using:

  1. DXN Ganoderma RG/GL is the Reishi, which I mentioned in the first blog topic, taken in a higher dose to enhance our immune system.
  2. DXN Cordypine is Pineapple Enzyme to make sure the blood pH is normalized. Reducing the acids in the blood means reducing the risk of getting infected with A(H1N1).
  3. DXN Andro-G is a kind of herbs natural antibiotics which eliminates the unwanted antigens in our body.
  4. DXN Cordyceps are made of unique mushrooms/fungi that give great protection on your lungs and it works the best for flu, cough as well as asthma.

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