Launching DXN Hungary - One of the Greatest Moments

In April 2009, I travelled to Hungary to launch DXN opening with Datuk Dr. Lim, the founder of DXN as well as Mr. Laszlo, who is an arduous young man who has been searching health solutions for his own people for a long time. This time, I let the pictures do the talking.


  1. jane the site is more than wonderful im from dxn saudi arabia i would like to ask you do have any participation in opening dxn in hungary if so how did that happened.
    see u on top

  2. Dear Jane,
    This is a very informative site for all the people in Europe.
    Thank you for the Blogg. Today i am writing few words on your wall is that, i am the DXN distritubor in UK, who is trying to contact Mr. Lim who was in contact with me in past, and not any more. Could you please let me know is there any way that i could contact mr. Lim in Hungery please.

    Could you please help me in this regards. Because i need to order more stock and need to find out about my point and commission too.

    Expecting connection,


  3. dear lum
    simply go to click to enter your member ship and your password and then you will be able to brows all your network members and you can contact with customer service through it.

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  5. hi jane how are you? this is TONTON LEUTERIO crown diamond of PHILIPPINES... I have some business partner in hungary. all the best for you.

  6. здравеите,искам да закупя от дхн продуктите,кафе и спирулина.искам да знам как да се регистрирам?живея в България.благодаря ви.имеила ми е

  7. HELLO PARTNER JANE, my wife in Madrid Spain wanted to buy DXN PRODUCTS in DXN Hungary, but how to purchase thru order and how to pay?
    my wife in Spain had no CREDIT Card to use for purchasing DXN PRODUCTS in our DXN Hungary..
    There is another way or solution to purchase DXN product in Hungary other than Credit Card?

    bank to bank is not available?
    they have also some Filipino OFW in Spain wanted to use and Very like our RG/GL, Lingzhi Coffee, Ganozhi Soap, Ganozhi Toothpaste, Ganozhi Tea, Spica Tea, and other products..

    Hoping your kind consideration about my inquiry.

    best regards,

    Mark Tacorda
    DXN International Private Ltd.