25/6/2011 - Final Health Talk in Budapest, Hungary

The end of our journey has finally come. Today is the final health talk held in Budapest. At 9.30am, the Specht couple came to pick us up from a town near Budapest where we have rested the night before. The Ganotherapy seminar began at 11am sharp. The attendance was overwhelming and almost 200 people attended the meeting. The main diamond leaders attended the meeting as the entire group was led and organized by Laszlo. Csabolc was the host for the health seminar of the day. Last but not least of course, Mr. Nagy Tibor was the interpreter to interpret the main messaged carried out by CD Mdm. Jane.

The testimony session indeed was a touching moments to all the members of the floor. Many local people with serious disease are well today, including the testimony which been uploaded earlier about Mdm. Turi Josefne who suffered from a lot of serious illnesses. Another testimony was about a little boy who had childhood leukemia. The doctors were not able to help him anymore with his severe condition but he is able to live up to today due to DXN GL powder that has been consumed in accordance to the prescription by Mdm. Jane and the family was very thankful for that.

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