An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away? (Part 1)

Sadly to say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away is almost impossible to each and everyone of us due to all sorts of food we consume everyday, the stressful working environment we live in, unhealthy lifestyle that fulfill our desire during our time of leisure (e.g. smoking, nightlife and luxurious meaty food) and lack of rest at night. The nutrients in an apple is not able to balance our organ functions and get rid of the pollutants out of our body.

Many people have the thought by having a strong immune system obtained from different supplements, we will be strong and healthy or even think about live happily ever after. However have we ever thought about our blood circulation system is as crucial as our immune system? Remember that our lymphocytes (Immune cells or white blood cells) travel in our blood stream. For instance, a smoker who has been smoking for more than 10 years has poor blood circulation in his lungs and hence his minute blood vessels are blocked.

Above picture shows that when a minute blood vessel of a smoker is
blocked, oxygen, immune cells. platelets and all the nutrients we consume are not able to enter while the exit passage is blocked for toxins, the waste disposed by the group of cells as well as carbon dioxide. The cells are deprived of oxygen and degenerate slowly. When the damage of the cells is quicker than the regeneration of cells (immune cells and platelets are the main repairmen for the cells), the DNA of the group of cells will mutate and subsequently turn into malicious cancer cells. This is one of the common factors smokers have lung cancer.

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