Day 11 (24 Oct) - BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA - DXN Launching: 6th Ganotherapy Health Talk

This is the day of DXN opening in Bratislava, Slovakia. The conference took place in a big hall located at the centre of the city.

I began the morning with ganotherapy health talk to educate the people on how essential ganoderma in our lives since people are too busy with their working world hence became oblivious to their health status. The response was encouraging with people asking questions frequently as well as jotting down important notes.

The opening came to the peak when Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin was warmly welcomed to the main stage to present his speech. He gave a brief introduction on DXN Ganoderma to the people and leaders in Slovakia and explained why ganoderma is essential in our lives compared to other food supplements and certain food we eat everyday. As a great leader and the CEO of the company, Dr. Lim motivated the people by sharing his valuable experience, more or less to spread the good news of the products throughout the entire Europe.

The ceremony continued to achievers rally ranging from Star Agent to Senior Diamond level. Dr. Lim was invited to award the leaders who have earned their hardwork. Ms. Alena, who is one of the top leaders in Slovakia gave her own marketing strategy before Mr. Kocso Laszlo gave a few words on the stage. However we made an early move back to Budapest since it was getting late and the journey back from Bratislava to the place where we stayed took around more than 3 hours.

Today, I learnt one thing about the people in Europe. They learn things with an open heart and with utmost enthusiasm. We should not be proud of the knowledge we have in us but to appreciate the knowledge despite we have learnt it before. We are not able to learn and accept things if our cup is full. Empty it and new wisdom shall enlighten us. Do not be judgemental based on the things we know.

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