William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?


Anti-angiogenesis is defined as a cancer therapy that consists drugs intake OR natural foods that deprive cancerous tumours of blood supplies. In other words, Anti-angiogenesis is able to starve tumours to death by choking off blood supplies to them.

Naturally, with healthy lifestyle and the right food, young people have a lower tendency of getting cancer due to his high level of immune system and good blood circulation system compared to an elderly who has the opposite attributes of the former. Nevertheless, once an adult who is about 20's or 30's is diagnosed with cancer, the cancer in his or her body is more aggressive and lethal due to cancer cells are able to grow more rapidly with good blood supplies to them. Hence anti-angiogenesis is very crucial to destroy the breeding ground of cancer.

The video clip above is a conference about anti-angiogenesis by William Li. I agreed with him.

For the past decade I have been treating and helping people with cancer who live their lives with agony. The knowledge and experience I have on how DXN products able to benefit cancer patients:

We can use DXN products to treat cancer DIRECT and INDIRECT way.

  1. Morinzhi (noni) has anti-angiogenesis effect by cutting off the blood supplies to cancer cells. When cancer cells are deprived of nutrients, the cancer cells starve to death.

  2. RG contains Triterpenes. Triterpenes interfere with enzyme in cancer DNA. Without the enzyme, the cancer cell dies. Eventually the entire cancer tumours is eliminated.
  1. GL is rich in Polysaccharides, which is an element to enhance immune system immensely by increasing the interferon level. Thus this is able to increase the number of NK cells and aggressiveness of NK cells to attack cancer.

  2. GL also contains Organic Germanium, which increases oxygen level in the body which inhibits the growth of cancer.

  3. Cordypine and Morinzhi both balance the pH in the body, making the body environment not favour the cancer to grow and multiply.

  4. Morinzhi dilates the blood vessels; Adenosine in RG removes blockages in the clogged circulations, which then improves the blood circulation by allowing more immune cells including NK cells to reach the site of cancer to battle with cancer. Improved blood circulation is able to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy since unblocked micro-circulation is able to carry the drug to the site of cancer, especially in lung cancer.

  5. Last but not least, Morinzhi (balancing hormones) and RG (contains Tritepenes) have the calming effect which reduces patients' stress. Good emotion is able to help patients better at battling cancer.

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