Frequently asked question: Why RG has to be given later to cancer patient with extensive metastasis?

These range of DXN products are safe for cancer patients with extensive metastasis, they will not experience much ‘healing effects’ or reflections.

  1. Cordypine: 30 ml x 5 times
  2. Morinzyme or Morinzhi: 30 ml x 5 times
  3. GL powder: 2 bottles/day : can split into half bottle (15 gm ) + 100 ml water, shake well, take it as a drink, take 4 times/day
  4. Cordycep: 5 tabs x 4 times
  5. Spirulina: 10 tabs x 3 times
  6. Lionmane: 10 tabs x 3 times

*Disclaimer: The dosage above is just a general guideline. Different cancer patients will need different way of consumption depending on severity and the location of cancer in the body. Personal consult is required when comes to treatment using DXN products.

These products can be taken even when the patients are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.They are able to strongly support the patient's body as well as immune system to fight cancer with the presence of chemotherapy.

My reason for holding back RG: RG is a very effective scanner, even more
accurate than the scanning machine. When RG detects cancer cells, these physiological reactions are going on:

1) Blood circulations at the site of cancer will be improved, allowing immune cells to be able to reach the site of cancer.

2) The Interferon level is raised, thus immune cells with lymphatic system also rushes to the site of cancer. When this 'healing process' is going on, the patient's affected areas with cancer cells can be enlarged or swollen because these areas are flooded with blood and lymphatic circulations. This can give pressure symptoms to the adjacent organs and can cause discomfort. If the swelling is near major organs, this can cause problem.

Therefore patient with wide spread of metastasis, I always give RG later when the tumors are reduced in size after chemotherapy or after taking the products above for some time. Then I gradually increase RG slowly to mega dose. When patient can tolerate the dose (megadose), then I would say the patient is free from cancer. I would recommend Reishilium powder (22 gm) 1 to 2 bottles per day if the patient can tolerate the dosage.

Patient with cancer metastasis, you need to give RG from small dose to higher dose. Due to the small dose, we need to add enough GL powder to give further protection. You can refer to my blog on Anti-angiogenesis, why GL plays an important part in cancer treatment.

In countries without GL powder, please consider to import GL powder to your countries for this purpose.


  1. Great wellness tips that can help many who are suffering from cancer

  2. Dear Jane,
    My mother also got cancer, in her lungs and referrals in her brain.Brain tumor has been operated.We are in a financial crisis, so she is getting now Cordyceps and GL, RG and spirulina.My question is that this high dosis what u mentioned how can be reachable financially?

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