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Topic 1: A young man with leukemia gained back his health with DXN ganocelium (GL)171

Eddy is a professional gym trainer. He was unable to advance in his career 3 years ago due to his poor health. He collapsed several times at work and was finally diagnosed with leukemia. He needed monthly blood transfusion to sustain his health. He was advised on chemotherapy by the doctors but he declined the treatment.
When he was introduced to DXN ganocelium (GL), ideally he should have taken 30 gm x 3 times daily. Due to financial constrains he could only afford to take 10 gm daily. After 3 months he began to see improvements in his health. He gained back his stamina, and his blood transfusion was not needed as frequently as before. His blood count was within the normal range and he could perform his work without any problems.
Today he is a healthy man.
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Topic 2: Obesity since childhood, lost 30 kg from 93 kg to 63 kg in 8 months with DXN RG and GL and MycoveggieIMG_0191
Annuar is a 17 year-old boy. He had been suffering from obesity since childhood. His weight touched 93 kg last year.
Last year he was admitted to one of the local hospitals due to food poisoning. His health condition worsened with critical complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes. He was in the ICU for a week. Medical doctors advised the family that the child needed a lot of medical attention and needed to be hospitalized for a long period.
Annuar's mother insisted on taking home her son and that she could take care of him at home. Once her son was back home, she proceeded with daily monitoring of his blood pressure and blood sugar.
With her love and wisdom, she started to put the child on diet with the inclusion of DXN RG and GL and Mycoveggie. She also encouraged the child to exercise. The child lost 30 kg within 8 months.
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Topic 3: A pretty young lady with oral cancer gained back her confidence in life with DXN products.IMG_0193
Sophy is a pretty young lady with bright future ahead of her. She has been having a tongue ulcer since November 2009. Her dreams were shattered in April 2010 when the doctors told her that her non-healing tongue ulcer was malignant! Medical doctors advised her on extensive surgery on the tongue followed by chemotherapy as a few of her lymph nodes at her neck were also involved.
After a discussion with her family, she declined any medical treatment. The family decided she should take DXN products in mega dosage : Mycovita, GL powder, Morinzhi, Cordypine, Lion's Mane, Cordycep, Spirulina.
She commenced consuming the products in April 2010...... It has now been 5 months, the enlarged sub-mandibular lymph nodes are not palpable and there are no lesions and lump on the tongue.
She is filled with confidence in life and has started to go back to work.
Please look out for her sharing......coming soon.

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