Testimony 2 - Critical Dengue

In year 2005, I came across this critical dengue case and the picture above is a newspaper article about how I saved a lady from the valley of death with DXN GL. Here is the translation for the article:

Health Press
Ganocelium Recovers Platelet Counts Senior Nurse Outwins Dengue

A lady was unfortunately infected with Dengue virus. She was admitted to hospital with her platelet counts 122 and it continually dropped 9. Her condition was very critical at that point of time. After consuming the Ganocelium powder that was brought by Sister Jane, her platelet counts shot up rapidly within one night. The doctors were shocked...

Today, most of us are well informed that there are no cure for Dengue Fever. Even Sister Jane agreed to this. However, she has brought good news to Dengue Fever patients - the Ganocelium in Ganoderma is able to eliminate the virus from the body and the patient is able to recover very rapidly and effectively.

She explained to Health Press how Dengue virus is infecting one's body. When an Aedes mosquito is sucking the blood out from one's body, the virus is injected into the bloodstream at the same time. The Dengue virus can be hemorrhagic or non-hemorrhagic. Sometimes when it can be worse in which the virus attacks minute blood vessels and cause severe internal bleeding.

"Platelets is important to repair the damaged blood vessels but with the rapid multiplication of the virus and the virus attack, the platelets are not sufficient to repair the hemorrhage. Hence the platelet counts drop drastically. There is no medical cure for this virus; the patient has to be admitted to a hospital to have their platelet counts monitored."

"If the platelet counts fall to a critical level, the patient will be required to transfuse a new pint or sometimes pints of blood into their body to make sure they live." A normal human being has the platelet count of 200-400. Dengue virus is able to cause the platelet count to fall to less than 100 or sometimes close to nil.

Subsequently, when the damage of the blood vessels have reached a certain level, the symptoms are bleeding of the gums and eyes or sometimes when one will bleed when he sneezes.

The platelets count rises rapidly

Sister Jane has served in several hospitals for many years. Dengue fever is an epidemic with various kinds of symptoms in which it is not a strange thing to her anymore. However, she still has not seen the real medical cure for Dengue fever until today.

Whether day or night, she never gives up to save Dengue fever patients by supporting the infected patients in the different hospitals in Kuala Lumpur with Ganocelium.

With her perseverance and her burning passion to save them, a lot of infected patients manage to get well with a surprising recovery rate. The platelets are able to shoot back up to the normal level within a night and with the permission of the hospitals, they are able to get discharged from the hospitals and rest at home.

According to Sister Jane, Ganocelium is the root of baby Ganoderma which contains Polysaccharides D6 is able to provide enough nutrients to the immune system to work at the optimum level. She also revealed to Health Press that the nutrients in Ganocelium is essential to make the bone marrow to produce platelets to repair the damage done by the Dengue virus in the body.

A Narrow Escape

She then explained, the polysaccharides have the ability to stimulate the bone marrow and produce platelets rapidly and hance able to repair the damaged blood vessels. Not only that, Ganocelium is providing direct nutrients to the immune cells, white blood cells, macrophages and T-cells.

After a dengue patient consumes Ganocelium, apart from rising the platelet level, it also brings the body back to the normal and healthy condition. It helps to reduce headaches and enables the patient to sleep better.

Since the day she applies ganotherapy to her patients, the percentage of her patient recovering from dengue fever is very high. Among a significant case she had was a lady who is a nurse, got infected with dengue virus and got admitted to a hospital with her platelet level of 122, however her condition got worsened with her platelet level perpetual fall to 9. Her life was at stake and her husband was very worried about her. However he was helpless since the doctors could not do anything either.

The hospital has transfused 5 pints of blood into her blood stream but the platelet level still declined. Subsequently, her gum began to bleed and vomited from time to time since she was admitted. She lost her appetite and she felt very weak. She could not even able to walk from her bed and even opened her eyes.

With her critical condition got worsened, the hospital was only able to transfused 6 more pints of blood. As a result her platelet level only able to raised up to 13. Still her condition has gone no where better. She got admitted into ICU for extra care and attention.

It is the matter of life or death now and the husband was by her side for the whole time. He was helpless after fail to see any progress in her wife was was very ill. In the midst of crisis, he met a friend of his whose wife used to be infected with dengue fever as well. He was surprised to hear that after consuming ganocelium she was able to be discharged from hospital despite she was in ICU 2 days ago. He was then referred to Sister Jane.

He was full of doubt and anxiety. Although the doctors were comforting him, he was so helpless to see her wife laying on the bed with pints of blood transfused into her body. Seeing there was no any further improvement on his wife's condition, he gave sister Jane a call. Without any hesitation his wife was fed 10 ganocelium (GL) capsules hourly.

After consuming the first 10 capsules of ganocelium, she was able to sleep soundly and peacefully. By the time she woke up she regained her energy and she was able to walk to the lavatory on her own.

By the time she consumed 10 more capsules of ganocelium on the subsequent hour after she woke up, she felt surprisingly better. In total she has consumed 70 capsules of ganocelium in an entire night. The next morning she took another 10 capsules at 9am and she underwent on the blood test at 9.35am. The report showed that her platelet counts rose from 9 to 47.

The doctor were surprised to see the retults and hence the patient was allowed to discharge from the hospital.

Ganoderma removes the blood vessel blockage

Sister Jane has great experience with dengue fever patients. She was advised to carry on consuming ganocelium in a month after she got discharged. This is to ensure that the dengue virus is totally eliminated from the body. However in most cases, dengue patients who have already recovered suffered from high blood pressure. This is due to after eliminating the virus, there are many dead cells and the blood clot after the platelets have repaired the wall of the blood vessels. Hence ganoderma is needed to remove the blockage of the blood vessel to prevent further blood vessel related complication in the future.

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