A young man with Leukemia gained back his health with DXN Ganocelium (GL)

Eddy is a professional gym trainer. He was unable to advance in his career 3 years ago due to his poor health. He collapsed several times at work and was finally diagnosed with leukemia. He needed monthly blood transfusion to sustain his health. He was advised on chemotherapy by the doctors but he declined the treatment.  When he was introduced to DXN ganocelium (GL), ideally he should have taken 30 gm x 3 times daily. Due to financial constrains he could only afford to take 10 gm daily. After 3 months he began to see improvement in his health. He gained back his stamina, and his blood transfusion was not needed as frequently as before. His blood count was within the normal range and he could perform his work without any problems. 

Today he is a healthy man.

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