Health Drink for Kids for Immune System Enhancement and Brain Concentration (DXN Products Family Cocktail)

Do you have any idea of what your children have been consuming when they are not at home? Kids enjoy eating snacks which are high in sugar, salt, preservatives and even colouring. This video shows how to make a cocktail beverage for school-going children, which is not only thirst-quenching but which is also healthy and nutritious. This is to enhance their immune system to protect them from dangerous virus and bacteria.

As you have seen in previous articles, DXN Cordypine and Morinzhi play an important role in getting rid of colouring residue from the cells in the body. Hence the children are able to stay healthy and ensure a balance of pH in their body. An acidic body will make them feel sleepy and lose concentration in class. That is one of the main factors why some kids are not able to do well in school today.

DXN GL powder is mixed together with the cocktail in order to boost the oxygen level in the brain of the children. This enables them to stay focused during their class while also quickly repairing the cells which were damaged by the preservatives and colouring found in the snacks that they were consuming.

DXN Fruzim is a kind of fruit enzyme consisting of naturally fermented peach and plum. This helps them in digestion, especially for kids who do not like to take greens, fruits and vegetables. The enzyme helps to prevent childhood obesity.

Therefore parents, rest assured that with this cocktail made everyday, your children will not only enjoy a healthy and delicious beverage in school, the environment of their body will also be changed to a disease free zone. Prevention of degenerative disease and cancer has to begin with health education during childhood.

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