A Great Meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece 26.11.12

 The weather in Thessaloniki was warm and sunny despite it was winter season when we touched down from Germany. We would like to show our appreciation to Mr. Theodore Bargiotis with the arrangement of Mr. Jijith, DXN International Marketing Director, gave us a comfortable lift from airport to our hotel.


At 5.30pm, we were welcomed by the main leaders in Thessaloniki when we arrived the conference hall. Mr. Bargiotis, the country manager of DXN Greece briefed us about the content of the programs before my health talk was being conducted. There were about 200 people attending my health seminars. Comparing to the last time I came here a year ago, the number of people has increased by more than two folds. Such an encouraging scenario. 







The conference began with the introduction by Mr. Bargiotis, followed by a speech by the one of the main leaders in Thessaloniki, Pavlos Chatzigiannis, who was also the interpreter for my speech. Mr. Jijith gave a short, concise but very meaningful delivery about the company. As Greece is facing an economical turmoil at the moment, DXN is the best platform to begin the business since the international system is able to support all kinds of business from the world. Hence no matter how bad the local economy turns out, as long as the individual has a vast international market, he will face the minimal vexation from the local economy crisis. 

After my health seminars, the stage was filled with people, asking for the solutions for health problems. The response was amazing.




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