The First Health Talk in Berlin, Germany 24.11.12

Approximately after 21 hours of flight from Kuala Lumpur, we have touched down in Berlin airport and we were arranged to stay in Postdam,which is the capital city of the German federal state of Brandenburg and part of the Berlin Region. It is situated on the 24km southwest of Berlin city centre.

It is pretty exciting to conduct the first meeting in West Europe especially Germany since it is a very strict country and as far as I know the Germans are very particular about the products they consume and they focus on professionalism as well as expertise on the efficacy of the products.

The conference was hosted by Mr. Ulrich and Esther Zeiler, a friendly German couple whom gave us a warm welcome and gave us some short briefing.The meeting commenced at about 1.30pm and as usual, I began the health talk with simple principles the people fall ill today. There is nothing much but mainly due to the food and lifestyle, causing the negative influence on the blood environment that deprives our cells. The meeting went well and it ended with various questions and answers.


 The history of DXN for 20 years is strong and worthy enough to convince the people in Germany through this meeting. In DXN as Dato' Dr. Lim has mentioned the wonder and simplicity of DXN products that are able to give benefits of health to mankind, with the support of One World One Market system it is able to penetrate throughout the entire globe. I personally strongly believe education is the main key to get people started with a brand new habit and change their lives into a better one.



One thing that touched my heart after communicating with Mr. and Mrs.Zeiler - out of 35 invitations have been sent only 20 turned up to the meeting. The people who attended my health talk found it very fruitful and knowledgeable, at the same time hoping such seminar about health awareness should be conducted more in the future since Germans today do not quite well aware about the wellness industry apart from conventional medicinal field, ie only doctors are able to fix our health problems.

One good news for us, DXN Germany is opening in Frankfurt soon!

Good luck Germany!

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