Day 1-3 (14 Oct - 15 Oct) - Departure to Hungary

Praise the Lord and I give thanks to Him that I was invited to go to Hungary again to share my knowledge of ganotherapy to help the people in the country. However, better this is that not only my ganotherapy is to be shared around Hungary but visits to different countries of Eastern Europe are also included into my itinerary to reach out to the people who have never heard anything about such good news before.

I departed with my assistant from KLIA airport on 14 Oct 2009 at approximately 11pm Malaysian time. We touched down in Amsterdam 12 hours later before taking a local flight to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. The entire journey took us almost 21 hours due to a long wait between Amsterdam-Budapest transit.

At 3.30pm in the afternoon of Hungarian time zone, we finally touched down after a long and tiring journey. The DXN Hungary leader, Kócsó Lázló gave us a warm welcome and took us to his new-launched office in early October 2009. The left picture above shows Mr. Kócsó driving while we were updating news about DXN in Hungary.

We checked into Bristol Hotel, located less than 100 meters away from the DXN Hungary office and had a good rest before we began our adventure for the next 16 days in Europe. On the top right picture is Mr. Varga Tibor, who is in-charge of assisting me things in Budapest when Mr. Kócsó is not available on that day. On the left picture below is Mr. Lim Choon Hooi. He is the manager who interacts with Malaysia DXN administration and deals with the stock and supply in Hungary.

It is very interesting to see how the people in Hungary approach the people who have neither seen nor heard about DXN. The pictures above show a van that distributes DXN Ganoderma Coffee samples to citizens in different region of Budapest. Well, I can reassure that the products bought from DXN are as good as the samples since the quality control of DXN is always at its best level. Since it is heading towards the end of autumn, with only 1 to 10 celcius degree, people here catch up drinking coffee whenever they are able to stop by in the nearest coffee shops to warm up their bodies. However DXN Ganoderma Coffee has many health benefits that are able to help people not only to warm them up but also able to boost up their immune system. More explanation about DXN Ganoderma Coffee will be elaborated in my next piece of blog.


  1. Dear Jane!
    We just want to thank you for your up to par and helpful training at Budapest.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Imola & Istvan

  2. You are very much welcome dear Imola & Istvan. I wish you have a blessed healthy life everyday. Please do not hesitate to email me at all whenever you have questions. Keep in touch.

    Best regards,

  3. Dear Jane!

    Thank you for your lecture at Budapest.
    It was very interesting and useful.

    Best regards,
    László Farkas

  4. Dear Jane,
    One of my team members in Karachi, Pakistan, has a contact in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    How would he will guide his contact to go to the nearest DXN office to register for membership?

    Thank you & Best Regard,
    Fowad Sajid