Final Europe Ganotherapy in Vienna, Austria 9.12.12

This very day was the final day of my Europe Ganotherapy. Mr. Erich, who was a homeopathy doctor and natural path practitioner, became my interpreter of the health seminar in Vienna. The message went across to the audience profoundly due to his professional translation in German.






Dagmar has been religiously following my ganotherapy road shows in Europe. This is the 4th time she attended my health seminar!



The DXN International Marketing Director, Mr. Jijith, has made a clear explanation the real meaning of MLM business and why DXN is able to stand strong throughout two decades in the world.

All special thanks to Eszter and Andreas who were in charge of DXN Vienna. You have done a great job of organizing the meeting in Vienna despite this was the first official Ganotherapy in Austria. I must congratulate both of you!

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