The New Beginning in Sofia, Bulgaria 30.11.12

The health seminar was warmly welcomed by the people in Bulgaria. The statistics showed that due to the economic crisis that has been hitting European region in the near 5 years, the people are suffering from depression and 1 in every 5 people are suffering from this problem. 

About 90-100 people attended the health talk and every one was very attentive to what I told them. Today I also specialized in talking about emotional health since mental health brings great effects on physical health. 

An immunologist doctor among us. She agreed that conventional medical science has reached the bottle neck in treating diseases today. The rate of non-communicable diseases (non-transmittable diseases) are still increasing despite new drugs have been introduced. 


Petrana the first SA in Bulgaria.






Thanks to all the DXN Bulgaria staff. Ms Teoh, the 2nd from the right is a staff representing Malaysia. 

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