11/6/2011 - It's still not too summer yet in Sibiu, Romania

Sibiu, Romania. A city which is about 450km from our departure. The weather over there wasn't as warm as we were in Hungary. However the people there are still as warm as the summer sun. We arrived there the day before and prepared ourselves and began our health talk journey here.

It was very delightful to meet back our Romanian friends, especially the Romanian leader Ms. Maria. She welcomed us warmly with an open hugs and kisses on the cheeks. Congratulations to Ms. Maria as she is the Star Diamond in DXN due to her hardwork and diligence. The interpreter of the day is Ms. Adriana Andrei who made the interpretation between Romanian and English. The health talk began well and some new products release in Europe was introduced and discussed.

A young man named Mr. Peonariu Marian, who is an engineer of medical equipment showed great interest in joining the team since he has seen how much the product can do in the medical field to relieve the pain of the patients or even better, cure them.

The health talk session ended and questions and answers session were opened to all. A lady with severe problem who lasted for decades came to me and explained her situation. It was very devastating and saddening. I prescribed a range of DXN products for her and I pray that she will be able to recover soon since she has been having the pain for so many years.

The pictures above are DXN Maca with Ganoderma Coffee which are only available in EU countries. Maca is to replace Tongkat Ali in Malaysia while DXN Cream Coffee contains less sugar and yet it is creamy. Suitable for the European's taste.

Top right picture: DXN Reishilium Powder is the mixture of GL and RG powder. Shake the mixture in a shaker and drink it. You will feel the difference if you take it that way.

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