20/6/2011 - Testimony in Sopron

Mdm. Turi Józsefné

The meeting in Sopron led by Mr. Czerna Csabolc was responsive and encouraging. However there was one old lady, sitting at the corner quietly listening to CD Mdm Jane's ganotherapy and even during the question and answer session, she was standing patiently while waiting to meet her personally. At first we thought that she was a patient who wanted to consult on ganotherapy on hear health problems but to our surprise, something unexpected happened...

She hugged Mdm Jane with a thankful heart, mentioning that she met Mdm Jane on the Sopron trip in March 2010. She was diagnosed with a lot of health problems and now she was standing here, humbly thanking that DXN has changed her life and she managed to find joy in her life eventually after so many years of suffering and struggling with her diseases that haunted her life for decades.

Now, here she is would like to share her testimony publicly to the people in Hungary as well as the people around the world that the ganotherapy has made her life better and better. A lot of people do not appreciate health when they have it but once they have lost it, they work desperately to earn it back. This is a very sad scenario but this is what the people do nowadays.

This is the testimony of an old lady named Turi Józsefné.

She is a 68 years old lady with a lot of health problems before the ganotherapy using DXN products. These were the problems had:

1) She had the history of congenital and abnormalities in the uterus since she was 6 and underwent many painful surgeries.

2) She suffered from varicose veins (nodules in the veins)

3) She also had embolism in the lung. (The blot clot moved to the lungs through the blood stream)

4) Finally she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy

5) She also had Tinnitus

This is the picture of her on 17 March 2010

Since she began her ganotherapy with DXN products in March 2010, her condition has got a lot better now within a year. She is free of Tinnitus and varicose veins. She is getting stronger and recovered after the side effects of chemotherapy. Plus she has lost the extra fats of 7kg.

This is her today 21 June 2011. Healthy and free from her sufferings.

Hence this is the joy you can enjoy in DXN by helping people regain their health. Everyone can be a health messenger to save someone's life.

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