9/6/2011 - Family Day in a Garden's Party

After our arrival in Kecskemét, William and I had a good night rest in a lodging nearby. Today a garden party was held at Kócsó László's house. Many DXN leaders are here to gather to enjoy the good food under the summer breeze outdoors. We were surprised by some of the leaders who lived far away from Central Hungary also joined us to this DXN family event. Such a wonderful sight.

This is a pic with a plate of ganoderma, the king of herbs that has been healing people around the world for the past centuries. On the left is Mrs Laszlo, Fodor Aniko and on the right is Mr. Kocso Laszlo himself.

As if the party lasted for an entire day, more food is being served on the tables and to my surprise.... All of them threw me a birthday celebration with love and warmth. I could not express the joy with words at all. All I could say was that I couldn't thank them enough. It was a very touching moment in that afternoon.

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  1. Hello Jane!
    It was great to see you again and spend an entire day with you! :) See you soon.

    And still: Happy Birthday!!! :)

    With love,
    Specht family