19 June 2011 - Health Talk in Kroměříž, Czech Republic

The next day we were arranged to have a health talk in Kroměříž, Czech Republic. The health talk was very well-organized by Ms. Alenka and Ms. Dagmar. The meeting began at 2pm and Mdm Jane was invited onto the stage to explain why our health problems are on the rise nowadays. The interpreter Ms Zuzana was doing her best to send the message across to the people in Czech Republic. The audience was very reponsive and supportive to the health talk. At the end of the seminar there were swarms of questions referred to Mdm. Jane to solve the health problems around people in Czech.

The left picture above, Dr. Jan Tkadlec was consulting on the Ganotherapy with Mdm Jane for his patients.

On the right picture above, Dr. Jan Tkadlec was invited to share his testimony on his brain cancer patient. After the ganotherapy on DXN products, the patient's brain tumor size was greatly reduced and the patient's condition was stable, hence making his treatment very easy. It was told that the treatment of brain tumor has never been easy.

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