10/3/10 – Climb Every Mountain, Szováta

The journey was pretty long driving from Nagyvárad to Szováta which took around 5 hours to reach. We reached in a small lodging at around 2-3am and the weather was awfully cold and dark. We dashed into the hotel and had our rest till the next day.

Later in the morning, we only realized that we were in the heart of Romania, which is Transylvania. It is a place encapsulated with mountain ranges and it is a place covered with snow all year long. Unlike Hungary, the economy growth is not as rapid as Romania is a country with lots of highlands and mountains. Mr. Simon Zoltan and Mr. Jaakub Istvan (Steven) took the courtesy to bring us for a long sight-seeing in Transylvania mountain range region. The place was roughly located at Gyeregyoszentmiklos. It was a blessing that the weather was sunny that morning and we were able to have a good sight-seeing, even though the temperature is a bit deadly which was around -10C. At night it could have reached -35C easily.

We then paid a visit of a friend of Mr. Simon. He is a local doctor who practices Chinese traditional treatment, acupuncture. Mr. Oscar, the acupuncturist was interested in ganotherapy and hence I was in the midst of Transylvania to share such good news to him. He was amazed how much ganoderma can do to save a life.

Top center picture: We had a short lunch in a traditional Hungarian restaurant located in Transylvania. As usual, the Hungarian food never ceases to surprise me.

We rushed back to the same hotel in Szovata at around 5.30pm and got ourselves ready for the presentation in half an hour. There were 2 batches of people, the Hungarians and Romanians attending my health talk. Hence there were 2 interpreters at that time and interpreted my health conference. Mr. Simon Zoltan took great effort to interpret my message to Hungarians since he was not an interpreter himself, but he did a good job overall.

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