3/3/10 - A New Day in Serbia

Rise and shine. We would never thought that we would have spent a night in Serbia with such wonderful places and people around the town. To me, it is like a fantasy fairyland with happily ever after ending feeling. I was already excited to begin my day and I had restful sleep the night before. The first presentation on the previous night was a success. I was very glad that the people were willing to attend my health conference after their working hours, going through a chilly weather and some people came to the conference on foot. Hereby I would like to thanks to all the people in Subotica.

We began our day by having our breakfast in Galleria Hotel. The National Pancake was fantastic and tasty. The piece of heated up piece of flour is filled with hot chocolate, peanut butter, jam or honey according to your choice of taste. It reminded me of the National cake Shomloi back in Hungary. The elite specialties of cakes, bread and pastries can be found here.

We took a morning stroll, with Robert Mr. Cordas Mr. Kocso Laszlo as our tour guide. We visited many other streets around the corner, standing in awe with the buildings that is standing still since the war a decade ago. Some of the buildings were being restored. Robert is a very influencial man in the town since many people seemed to know him very well. He greeted people on the streets politely with smiling faces and we sometimes stopped for a small chat with the people in the town.

Robert then led us to a very iconic, symbolic as well as significant building in the middle of Subotica, The City Hall. Of course, we wouldn't miss taking a brief walk around the building until Robert invited us into the building. It is really ecstatic and thrilling to visit such historical building with all the previous royal families, duchess and barons who used to organize big events like weddings in this city hall. Despite the architecture outside the building is already mind boggling, the inner art from every tile of the floor to the ceiling are really indescribable. The masterpiece on each building does not only show the greatness of the art during that era but it as well as tells us the meaning of certain series of the histories behind each building.

At noon, we left Subotica for Novi Sad, which is located 40-50km away from the town through motorways. Novi Sad is a bigger city compared to the previous town we stayed. On the way out of Subotica, it was very kind of Robert to drop by at a chocolate factory. It was called Pionir and it was considered as one of the best chocolate in Serbia. Robert and Mr. Kocso Laszlo bought us some wonderful chocolates as a gift from them. We took a quick tour around the city before heading to our destination. Not to forget the lunch took place in a restaurant next to Danube is
very memorable.

The presentation then took place at 6pm in a multipurpose hall in the center of Novi Sad. On the top right picture is our interpreter for the night was
Ms. Sladjana. Her daughter, Ms. Smilja who is majoring in Pharmacy is assisting her in interpreting in case of the unfamiliar terms to be translated. Many people are still new about the DXN Morinzhi products (Noni juice) which is a powerful tool I use together with DXN Cordypine back in Malaysia in treating patients with blood related problems. For more information on DXN Morinzhi, you can refer to this particular link: However I will upload more useful information about the product.

We were very exhausted at the end of the presentation. Heading back to Kecshkemet, which is located at the suburb of Budapest, we parted different way with Robert on the way back to Hungary. We bade each other goodbye with heavy hearts and hope that we would be able to meet such friendly man again. Now we are back in Granada Hotel in Kecshkemet. Very eager to catch some rest before our hectic schedule begins again on the next day.

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