8/3/10 - A Detour to Nyíregyháza

On the 2nd day in Debrecen, we spent quality time with Ms. Kate in her facial parlour in the morning. She offered herself doing a face massage on me. Her fingers were so skillful and I enjoyed every moment of it. I felt refreshed and replenished after the treatment.

Top right picture: 8 March is Lady's Day. Men in Hungary pay the respect to the ladies and women whether they are the men's wives, daughters, friends, lovers, partners or colleagues by giving flowers to them. Mr. Steven invited us to a fine Hungarian restaurant on that particular afternoon and he gave me a beautiful yellow rose.

On the top left: Ms. Reka Fozo is assisting me in interpreting from Ms. Ildiko.
On the top right: The service center in Nyíregyháza owner, Ms Ildiko and her family.

In the evening at around 4pm we left for Nyíregyháza, which is another city located 40 minutes away on the North West of Debrecen. The crowd was a lot more huge than the day before. Around 50-60 people kept pouring into the restaurant hall. A video camera was recording my health talk.

Top left picture: In the middle is Ms. Reka Fozo, helping me at prescribing the DXN products to the patients who need them.

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