4/3/10 - Southern Hungary, Putnok

We began our day early and Mr. Kocso Lazslo and his wonderful family members greeted us at around 10am. He brought a friend of his whose father having lung cancer and needed what was it to be done to help her father. I did my best to prescribe certain range of DXN products which would give the following benefits:

1) Balance pH in the body
2) Improve blood circulation
3) Enhance immune system

4) Improve oxygen level in the blood

5) Repair and improve cells/tissues/organs/systemic function.

Body environment is what keep us alive and live a healthy life. It is like feeding fishes in an aquarium. Briefly explained, if your aquarium which represents the environment of you body, your fishes that represent body cell will die and the entire aquarium turns unpleasant environment for other fishes that is still alive in that particular aquarium. Hence DXN products is very crucial as main food for cells as well as immune cells to live well. More explanation will be linked to this thread later on.

The picture on the top left: Mr. Kocso's friend whose father has lung cancer, his wonderful wife Aniko, his handsome-looking son, Laszlo himself carrying cute little Sophie, myself and on the far right his personal assistance that deals with networking and internet related matter.

It was a rather rushing and busy day. We had a 2-3 hours journey from Keschkemet, heading South to a small town named Putnok. I was first invited to the local community centre for a local TV interview. The experience is always new and exciting with all the enthusiastic people around to know how to create a healthy individual, family as well as society. The interview began at almost 4pm and it lasted until around 5.15pm before my presentation began at 5.30pm. The people were overflowing and there were around 2 general practitioners who attended the talk.

On the top right picture, from the left is the lady named Boroczi Levente, and on the far right is a local medical doctor who does general practicing emphasizing on well-health.

On the picture above on the right, the lady from the left is very knowledgeable in biochemistry. She was also an interviewer for the local press. Followed by a local general practitioner. Last but not least on the far right, my all-time favourite interpreter, Mr. Nagy Tibor. He has been very competent with his accurate translating and has been assisting me greatly since the opening of DXN Hungary in April 2009. We know each other for almost a year now.

Hereby are the pictures that show you are concern about your health. I'm not the star or spotlight of this event but all of you are the stars! I thank all of you people in Putnok for lending your ears to my sharing.

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