19/3/10 – The Spring is here in Zalaegerszeg

We left Pécs for Zalaegerszeg the next morning. Mr. Czabolcs and Ms. Andrea took the courtesy to take a short tour in this cultural city in Pécs since it is a cultural city this year for Hungarians. A lot of activities attracting the locals as well as the foreigners would be held there once the winter was over. The sun shone brightly that day and the breeze was warm and not as chilly as the one in Romania. There were a few great views on the fortresses in the city. Each city in Hungary is so unique and so different from one another; left alone the architecture of the building is so interesting.

Top right picture: This kind lady beside me was the lady in charge of the service centre while the leader of Sopron, Mr. Szabolc was not around. She was the one organizing this health talk to her. A million thanks to her.

The presentation took place in DXN service centre hall at the end of the street somewhere in Zalaegerszeg. Around 30 people attended to the talk.

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