7/3/10 - The Return to Debrecen

After the great event, Mr. Steve and Ms. Kate brought us to Debrecen. It is the 2nd largest city after Budapest and it is around 2 hours away from the main city. As you can see from my blog in October 2009, we have been to Debrecen for a number of health talks but this time we are staying 3 days in Debrecen to educate the people the important of health as well as how to adopt a correct diet and the reasons why we need this range of DXN products.

On Sabbath morning we woke up at the very same hotel, Villa hotel. It was our favourite hotel and it is still by far our favourite. The place is really like a home for us. It is at the fringe of the Debrecen city, surrounded by a picturesque countryside view with painted winter scenery. Snowflakes are falling from the sky in this gentle morning.

The host of Debrecen, Mr. Steven and Ms. Kate brought us for lunch. We met in an Italian restaurant and reunited with one of our good friends in Debrecen, Ms. Reka Fozo. She used to be our interpreter last October 2009. Despite such short notice last year, she has helped us alot in conveying the health message to the Debrecen community.

On the left top corner: Our valuable hosts, Ms. Kate and Mr. Steven.
On the right top corner: Our interpreter, Ms. Reka Fozo; followed by me; Ms. Kate and Mr. Steven.

In the evening at 5pm, the presentation took place in a hotel nearby Villa Hotel. It was a 5 minutes walk from here but the road was slippery due to the snow. As the health talk was about to start, unfortunately we did not have any projector to link with the presentation slides from my laptop. As the gathering was small, we were able to sit together. Somehow it was God's plan of what was happening because through this way we felt we had a closer tie by means of sharing instead of giving a formal talk. People here understood better and dared to ask me questions this way.

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