20/3/10 - Do you hear the Alps Echoeing in Vienna, Austria?

Today, we headed to Vienna, Austria. More descriptions will be written down later.

Top right picture: The lady in the middle. She is having trouble at holding chopsticks. Then the lady on the right, Esther, is assisting her on how to use chopsticks.

Top left picture: A big happy family. Greetings from Austria!

Top middle picture: Esther was the main host of the Vienna DXN health talk presentation. She was giving her testimony how did the DXN products did her well and improved her Eczyma problem.

Top left picture: Mr. Clemens Winkler, the interpreter of the day. He translated my speech into German. This is by far my health talk was interpreted into German.

We had a great time enjoying European version of McDonald's! We have never tasted the steak burger before which is very delicious. Ha! we were caught red handed of eating acidic food! Don't worry, drink 30ml of DXN Cordypine and Morinzhi after that.

After the presentation, it was very kind of Mr. Kocso Laszlo to bring us a short tour to the highest hill point in Budapest, Citadeloc (I could not find the proper spelling for this landmark) or Gellert Hill. The panorama Matthias Church, Buda Castle, Széchenyi Chain Bridge and the Parliament is spectacular.

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