18/3/10 – Cultural City, Pécs

We carried on our journey to the south of Hungary on the Western region. Mr. Szabolc as well as Ms. Kiss Andrea tagged along in the journey. She has been very helpful at interpreting some important messages from the people in. Pécs is a cultural city for the year where most of the activities were being held here to attract local as well as foreign people. It is something like "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" with different cultural states in our country back in Malaysia.

With such wonderful weather around, we paid a visit to Balaton Lake, which is the largest lake in Central Europe. The place is very beautiful and many people love to stay or even live on the lake in a boat during summer time especially.

We checked into a hotel in Pecs, where the presentation venue was held. At 5pm, the hall was filled with many people and the attendance was around 50 people. It was such a surprise when I met Mr. Nagy Tibor again since he was again invited as my interpreter. Mr. Nagy Tibor has always been my best interpreter and he understands my contents the best. Hence he is very creative in translating my health talk to make the conference more spicy and interesting. I am never tired of giving education on Ganotherapy with these enthusiastic people around me.

Top pictures: This is a very lovely couple. This gentleman was very grateful for my health talk and he had managed to find the health solution for his lovely wife. I was so touched by this gentleman and I did my best to help them.

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