2/3/10 - Back to Work

Our very first presentation took place in Serbia. Mr. Kocso Laszlo has always been and never failed to be our greatest host throughout our trips in Hungary. He made sure we are always feel comfortable with our stay without going through much unnecessary troubles and hassles. Visas are needed for us to enter the country and the procedures were quickly done in no time with the great help of Mr. Laszlo.

The war in Serbia ended about 10 years ago and many people had the misconception that it is a Communist country but it is definitely not one. As you can see it is now officially announced as the Republic of Serbia, which is located south of Hungary and landlocked at the crossroads between Central and Southeastern Europe. The nations were divided into many other countries during the war and no longer under the Socialist of Yugoslavia. This ignited tensions with the communist leadership of the other republics that eventually resulted in the secession of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia from Yugoslavia. However there are a great deal of Hungarians still leaving in Serbia today.

We were led to Hotel Galleria, which is located in Subotica. The scene was very beautiful even it's winter. The first presentation took place in a restaurant of the hotel itself. The crowd was very encouraging. We expected only 20-30 people but it was way more than that. Extra chairs were needed to accomodate the people despite cold weather outside. Estimated 50 people came to my first conference in that particular evening.

Among my respectful audience, there a good number of doctors, nurses as well as scholars to find out more about Ganoderma. They asked many questions and I was happily to put their doubts to an end. It somehow gave them a ray of hope in medicine field and we do not just be heavily dependant on what a doctor has to prescribe or rely on since medicine is not able to grant us HEALTH!

The picture on my top right is the interpreter of the night. This beautiful young lady, Ms. Susan has been doing her best to convey my important message of health to the people in Serbia. Language can be a barrier to spread good news but the strong bond of people is able to bring us back together no matter what, so this is what I believe.

I never forget to gratify and appreciate how much Mr. Laszlo has done for us. The picture on the top left is Mr. Kocso Laszlo as the main host of the evening for the health conference as well as organizing the entire process of the event. On the top right picture is Robert Mr. Cordas. He is one of the first early leaders in DXN in Serbia and he is an influencial man who has great network in the region. As a local investigator of environment pollution especially specialized in noise pollution. His job is to make sure that there is no pollution problems occured to make sure people living in a comfortable environment. However here is a thought for everyone: Is your body environment always at the cleanest and tiptop condition? Let me tell you that your body environment determines your health and fitness level for the next 15 to 20 years.

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