5/3/10 - Southern Hungary, Miskolc

After the presentation at Putnok, we looked for an accomodation in Miskolc which is around 40-50 minutes drive from Putnok. Miskolc is the 3rd biggest city after Budapest and Debrecen.at Time flies since the day I left for Hungary. I didn't even realize it was Friday and today is the day Datuk Dr. Lim, the CEO of DXN touches down in Hungary airport at around 9pm later.

We stayed in a small but beautiful house which is a hotel in that area. The day began with bright sun but the wind is still chilly. We had a light breakfast before we checked out and had our sight-seeing activity at a more remote area in Miskolc. Mr. Kocso Laszlo took the courtesy to show us the mountain ranges area, named Lillyfured. The special landmark of that place is a huge castle or Hungarian called it Var, which has now become a very luxurious hotel for people who enjoy breathtaking and mystique scene of Lillyfured. The winter is ending but the lake is still frozen.

Mr. Halasz Peter who gave me the complilation cd of my previous health conference. He is managing the service center in Miskolc.

At 3.30pm, Mr. Kocso Lazlo has arranged a cancer patient to meet up with me. She is suffering from Breast cancer and the cancer cells has spread to her lymph nodes on her right side. The 1st out of 6 cycles of chemotherapy was given to her on 25th February. However, I was amazed that she was still cheerful and remained strong when I met her. I can tell it is not easy at all when you underwent doctor's painful treatment, let alone being diagnosed with cancer. She has tried certain sorts of her own treatment such as vitamins from apricot seeds but the nutrients seemed was not good enough to stop the relapse of cancer cells. In the end I explained to her how important ganoderma and the components of the nutrients in it is able to her to boost her immune system and change the body environment. Hence, creating a healthy body environment to fight cancer. I helped her prescribe some high dose of:

1) The pineapple enzyme,
2) The noni juice,
3) The young mushroom which is the direct food for our body cells and immune cells, GL
4) A kind of other mushroom that is able to protect organs,
5) A complete food for her throughout chemotherapy,
6) Last but not least the 3 months old mushroom that clears the blood circulation to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy,

Repeatedly I re-emphasize the products are able to create the body environment that is not favour in cancer:
1) Balance pH in the body
2) Improve blood circulation
3) Enhance immune system

4) Improve oxygen level in the blood

5) Repair and improve cells/tissues/organs/systemic function.

The presentation then began in a hotel nearby.

On the top right picture is a Doctor who has PhD in engineering and he was very enthusiastic on Ganotherapy and how it works wonders on healthy and sick people.

One of the members attended the talk was that his grandfather suffered from high blood pressure after consuming RG. He did not have high blood pressure at all before consuming the product but he had after taking RG. RG has a component named Adenosine which is able to dissolve the blockage on the blood vessel wall and hence remove the blockage. However the problem is the blood is sticky itself and plus the impurities from the blockage removal process will cause the blood to flow more slowly and this causes blood pressure to shoots up. Imagine the drain is already clogged and you scrub the wall of the drain without having enough water flowing to it. Hence the dirt is not able to flow out smoothly.

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