12/3/10 – A doctor’s testimony in Jászberény

We returned to Novotel Hotel in Budapest again in the previous night. It feels good back at home since we have been staying Budapest since my very first trip to Hungary. We were given a good rest after a very long journey in the day with a presentation at the end of the day.

It was free and easy on that particular morning. However my assistant received an urgent email about an interview with the city press. I was asked to give my personal information why I am here in DXN and what is the satisfaction that I gained from DXN Company. You will see the article printed next week which I have been looking forward to. In short I could say that the results are very rewarding when I am in DXN for almost a decade than my nursing career for the last 34 years. I am able to save so many lives of my patients since most of them are my friends.

By noon, we meet
Mr. Kócsó László again. Time flies and I hadn’t realized that I haven’t met him for almost a week. We met a dentist in DXN office, whose name is Dr. Veronica. She was the interpreter for the night. The doctor was very curious and wanted to know more about using ganotherapy in treating patients. I was glad that a medical doctor was willing to make an interpretation health talk for me.

op right picture: This is Dr. Monostori László on the far right, who has done some test on DXN ganoderma. He announced the medical report of his for the past few months and the results were ascending. His blood pressure went to normal level gradually and his cholesterol as well as triglycerides have gone down after he began consuming a range of DXN products especially on the ganoderma. And it was an honour to have Dr. Veronica (on the far left) to be my interpreter today. She felt very excited after knowing more about Ganoderma.

Top left picture: On the far right, the lady is the doctor's daughter. Not only with the doctor's testimony that the DXN products have done wonders on the doctor himself but also healed the daughter's skin eczyma problem.

The response of the health conference was very overwhelming with people seeking for health solutions for themselves, their family members, relatives and friends. Joy has filled in me today because I just do not want to talk about my own testimonies but good news has to come from their own people.

Speaking about anti-inflammation that Cordypine is able to do, the swelling of my sprained ankle has been immensely reduced.

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