9/3/10 – A Pit Stop at Nagyvarad, Romania

Today is our final day in Debrecen. We woke up with heavy hearts in the morning with mixed feelings. We had the thought of leaving such wonderful place especially leaving our special hosts who have been treating us very well throughout our Debrecen trip, Mr. Steven and Ms. Kate. We checked out the hotel at around 10.30am and left our luggage behind to take a brief tour in Debrecen city.

The couple brought us to our first destination, Deri Museum. The art was very touching and full of hidden meaning conveyed by the painters themselves, especially the 3 masterpieces of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by Mihály Munkácsy. We then dropped by in a famous square located in the heart of the city with some adventures of climbing up to the tallest church tower in the city for some city sightseeing.

We had a quick lunch in a salad bar before we first bade goodbye to our interpreter, Ms. Reka Fozo. Mr. Steven and Ms. Kate were seeing us off before Mr. Simon Zoltan took turn to continue our health talk journey to the next destination. The conference took place in Continental Hotel in Nagyvarad city.

Top left picture: A lady, she is giving her own testimony about her SLE problem, which turned better after taking DXN ganoderma coffee and DXN GL. She is no longer depending on steroid for her health problem.

Top right picture: This is a wonderful family who was the host of the presentation night. They were the one who got the people around the town to listen to my ganotheraphy. Her daughter offered her help in interpreting my health talk, which I thought she was very good since her interpretation skills and reflex were pretty competent. From the left, Kuruc Istvan (Steven); his wonderful wife who was the host of that evening, Kuruc Julia; me; his son, Steve and finally his beautiful daughter, Anita who has been a great help interpreting my health talk.

On the top left pic:
This is the old lady who has been consuming DXN 3 in 1 coffee and her high blood pressure problem was greatly eased. Pure coffee beans have the capability to promote active blood circulation in the body for the people who are not active or lack of exercise.

Around 30 people attended my health talk and the response was very encouraging. There were a few good testimonies from the Hungarians who live in Romania. I am very proud that I have been working for almost 10 years in DXN and have been using certain DXN products to help people around me and they came back to me, thanking me that I have given them an opportunity of good health. Of course apart from the testimonies have been created throughout my 10 years career in DXN, such testimonies were also sprouting among the European people. Even in Romania, there were so many local people benefited health goodness proven from the local people.

I have been emphasizing that body environment is able to determine whether your body is able to stay healthy at all times and sick cells can be healed quicker than the damage. Cell damage can be caused by poor blood circulation that leads to poor oxygenation, weak immune system, acidic body and virus infection. These range of DXN products that are able to change your body environment:





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