6/3/10 - 1st Anniversary of DXN Europe

Ever since the first DXN service center was foundeed last April 2009, the number of members have been growing rapidly which has achieved around more than 10,000 members who are consuming and benefit the goodness of DXN products. 65% of the members are composed of Hungarians and the rest are people from Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia, Czech Republic and some of the numbers are even from Poland and England.
Finally, DXN is already one year old in Hungary.

I was invited as a guest to spectate this great event of the year. DXN CEO Dr. Lim arrived at around 11am before the event officially began. I congratulate to all the leaders here for their diligent work throughout the year and have achieved so much to help their own people, whether in their health or financial status.

On the top right, Dr. Lim Siow Jin is sitting beside me. The founder of DXN Ganoderma.

On the top left, from the left: Ms Ann, Dr. Lim's personal assistant as well as secretary; Mr. Szilard, the interpreter for Dr. Lim, Dr. Lim himself and me.

On the top left: Mr. Kocso Laszlo; Dr. Lim Siow Jin; Mr. Istvan. All of them agreed upon ONE WORLD ONE MARKET.

On the picture above, Ms. Molnar Katalin. I have mentioned in my previous blog that the lady who was allergic to gluten for the past many decades and she was not able to consume anything like cakes and biscuits since she suffered a severe Coeliac disease (An autoimmune disorder at the small intestine that is allegy to wheat). After consuming a range of DXN products for 6 months, she was able to consume her favourite cake after so many decades, which is my favourite, Somloi Galuska (Hungarian national cake). She was very thankful to the healing power of Ganoderma, pineapple enzyme and chlorophyll from Spirulina.


  1. It was a wery good day. I was there with my Parents, you can see in the pictures

  2. Dear Jane, meny thanks for the advice.
    My Mom thumb is getting better.
    Morizhi and Cordypine are very good production

    Thanks for all