15/3/10 – A Surprise Gallop to Napaljelda

We stayed the previous two nights in Piestany Park Hotel. We departed from Piestany and left for Napaljelda, which is located in Czech Republic. The journey took around 1 hour and a half to arrive. The view and the scenery were different this time in Czech. It is a country full of greeny hills and plains which was very spectacular. Mr. Dalibor and Ms. Daniela took the kindest hearts to bring us all the way from Slovakia to Czech.

The health talk on the day before took around 8 hours to end. I woke up this morning and to my horror, I could not speak out since I have lost my voice. Without any hesitation, I took a large amount of Cordypine and Morinzhi to sooth my throat and thank God within half an hour, I regained my voice back. Perhaps it is time I should give my tongue some rest.

Top right picture: A mating place for horses. The caretakers will pick the best breed of the male horses to produce good foals with the females.

Top left and middle picture: The graves of the very good breed stallions.

Top left and middle pictures: The horse is teaching the foal to live in an open field.
Top right picture: The foal nursery house. The foals have short neck when they were born because they depend on the mother's milk. Once their necks are longer, they are able to graze the grass on the ground. Amazing, isn't it?

Top picture: The pretty lady was the interpreter for the night, Ms. Micheala Talpova.

Right picture: The host of the presentation as well as the host of the day who is taking good care of us, Ms. Alena

We had more rest in the morning. We bade goodbye Ms. Marika with heavy hearts. They are people with warm hearts and filled with love. At almost noon, we departed from Piestany and headed to Czech Republic. Ms. Alena Hlavilova was expecting us at that time and showed us around. It is a popular town of breeding high quality racing horses. She has made an arrangement to have a visit in the horse ranch. What a wonderful sight, seeing the horses running around wild in the fields. We were also showed around the stable where the breeding of the horses took place. The most interesting part was that there was a special place for horses to mate. The horse caretakers would pick the best breed of male and female to produce good foals. We were very lucky on that day because we managed to see one mating session in that special place.

We arrived at Rottal Hotel and had a quick change at nearly 5pm before we rushed to the destination of the presentation. I was rather surprised to see the crowd who attended my health talk was almost as many as the one the day before, which were about 150 people. The leader of Czech Republic, Ms. Alena Hlavilova as the host of the event took the courtesy to make a brief introduction about me and subsequently the main topic about health and ganotherapy began. The people in Czech were so responsive and they were so eager to know more about DXN Ganoderma after my presentation. It took almost 3 hours including questions and answers sessions before the entire program ended.

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