16/3/10 – Coffee Meeting in a Conference Room in Tabor

We left Napaljelda at around 11am for Tabor, which is located about 3 hours from the West of Napaljelda. Ms Dagmar Holikova was the host of the day by taking care of us as well as fetching us to the destination. We picked up Ms. Daniela on the way.

The presentation took place in Relax Hotel, where my health conference took place as well. The response of the people in
Tabor was quite encouraging as well. About 60 people attended to the meeting. During the question and answer session. Not only there were people seeking for health solutions for health problem of themselves or their relatives and friends, there were a number of people consulted me on how to practice Ganotherapy.

Top left picture: Ms Dagmar Holikova, or Dasa, she is a cheerful lady with blond hair with smiles written in her face at all times. Smiling as always as she could, but she is a very powerful DXN leader in Czech Republic.

top right picture: Ms. Alena Hlalilova, the host of the presentation in Tabor as well. We are thankful for her arrangements and the hospitality that she has given.

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