17/3/10 – Reminiscence in Sopron

After almost week’s journey in the North, we returned back to the edge of North West Hungary which is Sopron. It was such a great feeling to have met back Mr. Czerna Szabolc. We traveled for 3 to 4 hours from Czech Republic to the Slovakia before Mr. Szabolc picked us up back to Sopron. We were so grateful to Dasa, Daniela and Margita for their hospitality as well as their help in succeeding my presentations in Czech. Last but not least Ms. Alena Hlavilova, who has been leading the people into my health conference, I would like to thank her as well.

The countryside scenery in Sopron never failed to impress us. We took many pictures on the way but unfortunately there was some malfunction with the camera, we were not able to upload wonderful pictures here at the moment. It was so frustrating especially for my assistant when he was a bit helpless trying to retrieve the picture files back from the camera with different programs online however the efforts were somehow in vain.

Top right picture: Ms. Catherine Miller (Katalin Molnar), she is my very first case lady who suffered from Coeliac Disease (Allergic to Gluten), who recovered from her suffering after 6 months of DXN product consumption. With her permission, it has been always an honour to have her to testify her experience with Ganotherapy that has changed her life entirely.

The presentation took place in Lover's Hotel. It is one of the good hotels in the Sopron town. The weather is getting better and more welcoming day by day. Definitely the spring is just around the corner.

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